Learn Somatics Online Workshop

Discover deep relaxation, greater comfort and the joy of pain free movement!

Sunday, June 30th, 2024 • 4:00pm - 7:30pm GMT

~ San Francisco 8am • New York 11am • London 4pm • Stockholm 5pm ~

If you’ve been enjoying my YouTube videos, you’re going to love this workshop. Sign up today to experience all the benefits of a regular Somatics practice;

  • pain relief
  • stress relief
  • anxiety relief
  • improved gait
  • improved sleep
  • improved mood
  • improved posture
  • Improved balance
  • improved mobility
  • improved breathing
  • improved coordination
  • increased energy levels
  • decreased muscle tension
  • improved body awareness
  • improved athletic performance

How can Somatics provide so many benefits? The answer is simple. When your muscles are relaxed, all bodily functions operate more efficiently. And Somatics is the single best method for reducing muscle tension fast.

Workshop Outline

Welcome and Introduction

Somatic Movement Class 1
Learn a series of fundamental Somatic Movements to release and relax all the muscles of your back and front.

Short Break

Somatic Theory
A presentation of the ‘hows and whys’ of Somatic Movements and the significance of the brain in chronic muscle pain.

Somatic Movement Class 2
Learn a second series of fundamental Somatic Movements to release and relax all the muscles of your sides and to improve rotation/walking.

Participant Feedback and Q&A
An opportunity for you to give feedback, ask questions, share your experience, and get clarification on any aspect of the Workshop.

Is this Online Workshop right for YOU?

Do you wake up every morning feeling stiff, sore and painful?

Does your pain leave you feeling exhausted before you even get out of bed?

Have you tried everything to get relief from the constant aching muscles and feeling of stiffness?

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress you’ve made despite your best efforts?

Are you tired of pills, ointments, and gadgets that only offer temporary relief?

Does pain leave you feeling stressed and irritable?

Are you sick of living with constant pain?

Are you tired of your pain affecting your moods, your motivation and your relationships?

Do you wish you could go back to an old hobby/activity or start a new one but feel you can’t because of your pain?

Have you been told that your pain is a normal part of ageing and something you just have to ‘learn to Iive with’?

Are you at the end of your tether and don’t know what to do about it?


Prepare to be amazed at how easy it is to ease pain, release tension, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and move freely and comfortably with the power of pandiculation and Somatic Movements.

During this 3.5 hour Workshop you will discover;

  • the simple causes of most chronic muscle tension
  • how this muscle tension can lead to muscle pain
  • how tight muscles reduce your ability to move freely
  • why stretching doesn’t work
  • why engaging your brain is the missing link to resolving chronic muscle tension
  • how to use pandiculation to release muscle tension instantly
  • and most importantly a series of 10 Somatic Movements you can practice at home to keep your body feeling supple, comfortable and pain free

Get ready to experience real change by working with your nervous system instead of against it. Somatic Movements feel great to practice and deliver results fast.

It is possible to feel relaxed and comfortable in your body. No painful stretching required.

Bonus Material

Somatic Movement Instructional Manual PDF
All the most important information from the workshop with lots of tips for your practice going forward in a handy PDF.

Audio Recording of Guided Somatic Movement Instruction
You will have 14 days access to an audio recording of the Somatic Movement Class sections of the Workshop so you can repeat them again.

Visual Summary of the most important Somatic Movements
A printable at a glance guide to help you with your Somatic Movement practice.


Hi, I’m Colm, I’ll be your facilitator for this workshop.

I know what it’s like to live with chronic pain. I know the frustrations, the struggles and the setbacks. I suffered with back pain for over a decade until I discovered the power of Somatic Movements. I’m here to show you that your pain doesn’t have to be permanent.

For almost a decade I’ve been teaching people, just like you, how to use a regular Somatic Movement practice to stay pain-free and moving well.

I practice the Somatic Movements you will learn on this workshop every day. I know first-hand how important they are to staying pain free, supple and mobile!

Pain free is possible when you Learn Somatics!

Colm McDonnell
Certified Clinical Somatic Educator & Somatic Movement Coach
Registered Member of ISMETA

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