Are You Living with Chronic Pain?

Do your muscles constantly ache? Do you always feel tired, stiff and tight? Do you want to feel relaxed and comfortable? Would you like to know how to relieve your muscle pain by yourself? You can do just that with Learn Somatics. Check out the short video below to see Somatics in action.


Learn Somatics in the comfort of your own home. Book an online 1-1 for some expert individualised tuition. It’s never been easier to Learn Somatics!

"Somatics has helped me see life from another perspective. I was surprised that such simple movements could resolve my pain, increase my flexibility, and even improve my quality of life. Highly recommended!"
Mariel C.

In Person 1-1 LESSONS

Suffering from a long standing chronic pain complaint? Want to learn faster? Book a course of private In Person lessons. Hands on feedback tailored to your specific patterns of tension will accelerate your recovery, progress and learning.

Colm Twist Movement


Check out my free Learn Somatics tutorial videos. You can watch me demonstrate and talk you through some of the most fundamental Somatic movements. Less pain and better movement is literally moments away!