Can You Imagine A Life without Chronic Pain?

Have you tried everything to resolve your constant nagging stiffness, aches and pains. Have you suffered a persistent injury that just will not go away?

Have you been told ‘You’ll just have to learn to Iive with it’ or ’It’s just part of getting older’ and ’wear and tear’.

Have you given up sports, hobbies or activities you enjoy because you were in too much pain to enjoy them?

I know how you feel!

And you’ve tried everything right? Stretching, massage, gadgets, pills, and every different type of therapy you could find!

And while they helped a bit you never really felt in control of your pain right?

Was your pain relief temporary at best? Did you every really feel any meaningful change in your pain levels or comfort?

It’s incredibly frustrating isn’t it?

I’ve been there too!

Have you ever wondered why you had chronic muscle pain?

Or why it seems to be so difficult to resolve? Or even explain?

I wondered the same things!

Have you ever felt that getting older shouldn’t have to mean experiencing more and more pain? After all not everyone who is old has pain right?

Do you dream of moving freely and comfortably in your body?

I want to help you achieve just that!

My name is Colm McDonnell, and as a Clinical Somatic Educator and Somatic Movement Coach, I help people just like you, to resolve chronic muscle pain.

I can teach you how to reclaim a sense of freedom and vitality in your self, through the regular practice of Somatic Movements.

If you have chronic muscle pain, or suffer from stress and burnout, can’t sleep, or just want to move better and feel more comfortable in your body, then I am here to help YOU!

I love teaching people Somatic Movement because I’m passionate about it, and because I use it every day for myself, to stay pain free, moving well, and sleeping well even as I age. I practice what I preach!

I struggled with chronic muscular pains in my low back and hip for over a decade. From my late teens till my early 30s. I tried absolutely everything, and all to no avail, until I discovered Somatic Movement.

Learning Somatics quite literally changed my life. Once I learned these potent movements, and the simple neuroscience behind how they worked, I had all the tools and knowledge at my disposal to resolve my own pain, and more importantly, to understand why I had been in pain in the first place.

When you understand the cause of your pain, resolving it becomes quite simple.

I want to share everything I’ve learned from practicing Somatic Movement for myself for a decade, and teaching Somatic Movement to others for almost as long.

I want to help you discover a life without mysterious muscle pains, chronic tension or the stiffness and the misery it can bring.

I know what it feels like to live with chronic pain. I know how hopeless it can feel, how frustrating it can be, and how much it can affect your mood, your relationships, your health, your work, your hobbies and your life.

I also know that it doesn’t have to be like this.

Not for you, not for me, not for anyone. It pains me to see people struggling with common chronic muscle pain complaints like low back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain.

These are problems that can be eased and relieved quickly and easily through the regular practice of Somatic Movements.

You already have everything you need to end you chronic muscle pain, it’s right between your ears; your brain!

And I can take you from “I don’t know what to do about my pain” to “I know exactly what to do about my pain!”

If you’re curious about Somatic Movement and want to see what you’ll be learning dig into the free resources I’ve made available; you can check out some of my Somatic Movement Tutorial videos HERE

Or visit my blog, where I regularly post articles discussing all thing Somatics, health and wellness.

And if after that you want you want to go deeper, lets get you signed up for an Online 1:1 Somatic Movement Class. Because a comfortable body is just a few clicks away!

So if you’re ready to learn something new and to start living more comfortably in your body, with more self awareness, more comfort, more freedom and more joy, get in touch right now and talk to me about Learning Somatics.

Because I can’t wait to teach you and guide you on your journey back to freedom and comfort!


P.S. Want to hear more about my story? You can check out my guest slot on the Prymal Podcast below…