Somatic Movement Tutorial Videos

You can start to Learn Somatics right now! Check out these tutorial videos for some of the most fundamental Somatic Movements. These videos will help you to relearn all the basic movement patterns of the trunk and spine and together form a great  Somatic Movement Practice sequence. But why would you want to practice Somatics? Well Somatics can help you to quickly; reduce muscle pain, ease the physical effects of stress and move more freely and comfortably. Give it a try with the videos below as your guide and experience the benefits for yourself. 

You can find more tutorial videos on the Learn somatics YouTube Channel.

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Arch & Flatten

Release and relax your lower back muscles quickly and easily. This is maybe the most fundamental Somatic movement. If you are new to somatics start here!

Basic Back Lift

Release your back muscles. This movement allows you to begin to regain control of the muscles of the back of the body, from head to foot.

Arch & Curl

Releasing the belly and chest muscles. This movement also helps to restore coordination between the flexors in front and the extensors in the back.

Startle Reflex

Releasing the front of the body. Great for improving rounded shoulders, slumped posture, and shallow breathing.

Lateral & Diagonal Arch & Curl

This movement releases tension, and improves co-ordination of, all the muscles of the front and back of the trunk.


The Washrag is a great movement to help you relearn how to twist freely. The ability to twist freely is critical for walking and running freely. A great movement to place at the end of your movement practice.

"After three sessions I feel more balanced, upright and less tense. I now know how to get instant relief by learning some basics movements. I’m also now engaging all the muscles in my body rather than putting excess strain on just a few. These movements can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Colm was patient and informative, and his expertise is self evident. Highly recommended."
Stephen S.