Learn Somatics Classes

Somatics classes are a great way to begin exploring Somatics. 

Learn a safe, simple way to eliminate muscle pain and alleviate the effects of stress using the slow gentle movements of Somatics. Discover how stress can cause our muscles to become chronically stiff and tight. Stiff tight muscles reduce our ability to move freely and comfortably and can be a major factor in many common complaints such as low back pain, hip pain, neck pain and many other neuromuscular problems.

Try some Somatic Movements right now over at my Videos page.

Learn how practicing Somatic Movements daily can…

  • eliminate chronic muscle pain
  • reduce the physical effects of stress
  • reduce muscle tension quickly and easily
  • improve your posture
  • improve your breathing
  • improve your sleep quality

Upcoming Somatics Movement Classes:

•• Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, all group classes are cancelled until further notice. ••

Check out our brand new range of online learning options. Online Group Classes and 1-1 options available here.