Colm Twist Movement

Online Workshops

Learn Somatics Online Workshops are a great opportunity to experience the power of Somatic Movements. A relaxing blend of Somatic movement instruction, Somatic theory, and Q&A. 

All Learn Somatics workshops are focussed on learning, practicing and exploring the most important and beneficial Somatic Movements. Discover how these simple movements, performed slowly, can release tension, ease pain and create such profound changes in how we feel in our bodies.

During workshops you will learn:

  • a series of Somatic Movements designed to eliminate muscle pain caused by chronically tense muscles
  • how and why our muscles become stiff, tight and sore in the first place
  • why the brain is key to releasing chronic muscle tension and resolving pain
  • the simple science behind how and why Somatic Movements are so effective
  • how to use Somatic Movements to move better and feel better
  • practical skills that you can use for the rest of your life to maintain, improve, and refine your ability to move freely and comfortably

You are guaranteed to leave a Learn Somatics Online Workshop feeling relaxed, refreshed and moving much more freely and comfortably!