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Grow Taller with Somatics?

Grow taller with Somatics? But how?

There are 23 intervertebral discs in the human spine. These discs are somewhat soft and spongy, acting as shock absorbers between each articulating vertebra. When the muscles of the spine are tight and tense they will compress the entire length of the spine, squashing the vertebral discs slightly. If this tensing of the spinal muscles brings each vertebra closer together by just 1/23 of an inch, you could lose a full inch of your true height. This contraction of the spinal muscles will also exaggerate the curves of the spine, again reducing your height.

By relaxing and releasing all the muscles of the spinal column we can gain back that height while also allowing more space between the vertebra. Decompressing the spinal discs will facilitate freer, more comfortable movement in the whole body. We can also learn how to release all the muscles of the waist, if these muscles are habitually contracted they will draw the ribs and the pelvis closer together, robbing you of more height (and your svelte waistline!).

A long, free spine and a soft waist will allow you to stand taller and straighter effortlessly. Win win.

Why not try it now? You can use my Daily Somatics Routine tutorial to get you started. Add the Side Bend to lengthen out your waist too.

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